Thursday, September 15, 2011

Baby's First Birthday

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I love it when things come full circle. About 5 years ago, an associate at WS had her just graduated (college) daughter come to work part time for the holidays. It was so fun to get to know her, she went to the same high school that my daughter was just entering, and her life was unfolding, an exciting time. She moved off to Houston after the holidays and got married. Christina and I helped out with some babies at the wedding so the parents could enjoy the ceremony without hiring a babysitter in a hotel room. And then last summer, I made baby shower cookies. So you can imagine my delight when she emailed me and said they were having a 1st birthday party and she wanted cookies! Full circle. She had her invites done at Tiny Prints which is an adorable site that I chose for graduation announcements. Wonderful company to work with. She wanted the cookies in the color scheme of the invites which were in the pink family. We decided on little pink and white birthday cakes for half of the favors, and then the #1 and a monogram in the others. I actually decided the monogram one. The set of numbers I ordered turned out to be pretty tiny. And personally if I am going to eat a cookie, it better be a good size. My dilemma with the dang numbers came with a Third Birthday I did this summer, and I really wanted a rounded three. This was what I got. Little. So I added party hats to her 3's. The little L monogram worked well for baby Leighton's party. She has some stickers to seal up the bags, so I never saw the completed packages, but it seems everyone was happy. Especially little Leighton, how wonderful to have a 1 year old!

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  1. SHe is adorable! the cookies are mighty fine as well...I'm just waiting for my friend to pop down in Memphis and then I can shower someone with cookies too!