Monday, November 9, 2015

Catch Up!

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So where have I been?  California, Michigan, Key West, Ohio...not to mention 3 batches of company here in between.  It's all rather humorous as this is the first fall in 12 years that we don't have any volleyball to chase around.  But there's no grass growing under my feet.  I have been a baking and cooking fool mind you, just not a writing fool.  So let's catch up, shall we?

Cookies are my life these days, and after taking May off for graduation, I headed back to the kitchen.  So here's a cookie roundup.

I had an amazing week of hiking in the Park City area with some amazing friends.  I made a platter of thank you cookies for our gracious hosts, and then the other Utah cookies for my hiking buddies.  The emoji is an inside joke...

A thank you for my hosts in Park City

Everyone's favorite emoji! Mr. Preppy thinks they're kisses!!!

Cookies for my Utah hiking companions!

I've written about my mom's doctor before, and all about the cookies she makes him. So I made him his very own sugar cookies.  Lucky guy, right?

Cookies for my mom's eye doctor
 I have written about my very talented sister who finally finished the never ending Hobbit movies to DVD job.  She is a producer, and a very talented one at that.  I made these cookies, just like the first ones here,  for the final wrap party.  The elvish cookies say Farewell Friends.  I even got an email from a big wig (really big)  gushing about my cookies. Made me blush.

The Hobbit of course...
 A group of young kids were heading home after a summer working at a Young Life camp in Colorado, so I made these for them.  Cool logo, wouldn't you agree? One of them was heading back to college at Alabama so I agreed to make those cookies too.  We always have a good laugh, after Oklahoma beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, I like to tuck a little Boomer Sooner cookie in her platters!

Cookies for some Young Life campers heading home

The team everyone loves to hate!
 We had a most amazing week golfing in Michigan at Arcadia Bluffs.  Our very sweet host has a mild obsession with Minions, so I had to put a few in his tasty thank you I made him!

A Minion thank you for our host in Michigan

More from that thank you box

 Let's hear it for football season!  We had company come and we headed to Oxford to cheer on the Rebs!

Ole Miss
 And did you hear?  The Memphis Tigers were rated as high as 13!  They suffered a loss to Navy, and our rating dropped, but their 15 game winning streak was really a bright spot for the city!!!

Love those Tigers!
 We know I love to golf.  I professed my addiction here, and meeting my one true love on the course here.  This fall I played in a pink tourney to raise money for breast cancer that would stay right here in my county.  A big selling point for me!

Pink Ribbon Links

Great auction items!

And I do a lot of showers, I mean a lot....  This has to be one of my favorites.  The grey was so pretty!  

a gorgeous simple grey baby shower

That's all for now.  Stay tuned, I swear there is more in my kitchen than butter, sugar and royal icing!!!  What are you waiting for?  Get in there!