Sunday, September 24, 2023

60 Chefs for 60 Years! and Home Depot Retirement Cookies

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Let's start with some cookies....I make so many but I don't want a cookie blog.  There are a million of those.  But now that I have your attention...

Here I go again.  10 years ago I decided to write 50 chefs for 50 years, I never sad.  So as I approach the big 6-0, I decided to go at it again.  And I have a headstart!!!  Here is the original post as I approached 50 years. I know that it's pretty lonely out here in the blogosphere....but that's okay.  This blog is for me and my family.  Some day my kids will read it and chuckle, and be reminded of some of the things we made.  

Here is a reminder of what I've done so far. 

Not bad, 15 down, 45 to go.  Guess I better get cooking!  I am totally revisiting  some of the above chefs, because I go to them often, and I know you won't mind.  So check back.  No pop up ads here.  Never did this to make money...just a journalism major using her mad skills. See you in the kitchen!