Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cookies, Cookies, Everywhere!

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Whew!  I have been baking up a storm....happily, I may note!  Here's a little sample of my handiwork!  I made this first platter for a fundraiser we had at our house.  Sadly, she lost in the primary...but the cookies were winners!

 These are for another friend.  She is running in the fall election.  This is a tireless woman who does soooo much for our community!  I support her fully!  It was fun to see these all over Facebook and Instagram from people at the party!

Gibson aka MAG
 These were for a daughter of a gal I know.  They watched movies outside...how fun is that!?
Notice I got that airbrush out again.....addicted!

An 8th birthday!

 A sweet cookier named Lila Lola did a post on quick flower cookies.  I stashed that info, and suddenly found myself using it.  We lost a very dear friend and neighbor.  He was surrounded by his family in Pennsylvania, but our hearts ache.  His wife is a devoted cookie fan, so I decided to whip up a quick batch and mail them out.  They were so fast!  It was a great tip...I found it here.

cookies for Nina
 A friend needed a way to say thanks to some teachers...a sweet thank you is the best!  We bagged these and she slipped in a gift card.

my favorite thank you
 A sweet couple in our neighborhood went to DC and got married.  So some neighbors got together to celebrate after they got home.  So exciting!  Newlyweds! (More airbrush work...)


These cookies were no easy feat!  But I was pretty happy with the result!  My poor friend had to seriously describe these to a T for me.  I was so confused when she wanted an APP cookie!  I kept thinking APP was an acronym I should know! Glad we cleared up that confusion!

Coming up...grads.  Lots of them!  Stay tuned!