Monday, May 14, 2018

Cookies for Wedding Favors

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Oh the is the most exciting day in the life of these young people (until that first baby arrives!) and I love making cookies for them.  Usually it is for a shower, bridesmaid luncheon or the host bags.  I am not a big fan of the cookie favor at the wedding. I want cake.  Please, good old fashioned wedding cake with buttercream roses and white fluffy cake.  Keep the fondant (Blech!), the red velvet (just NO!), the chocolate (grooms cake maybe), Funfetti (think 6 yr old birthday) and gasp...naked cake... away from the celebration.  Naked!  The only reason anyone would eat wedding cake is for that nostalgic taste and feel of that icing.  But I guess I'm just old.

Lucky for me, the sugar cookie is the star of many take away bags, arrival bags, reception options and dessert bars.  I have done many cookies in the wedding theme, and they are all special to me!!

The air brushed T were for the rehearsal dinner at my son's wedding.  I just didn't have the time to pipe the T on all those cookies.  I made a lot of them, so there were plenty left over after the rehearsal, and it was nice that folks could grab one when they came to our room for a little hospitality!  It was a very fun weekend!

I dod these fun cookies for a friend.  When her company arrived to their hotel they each got a bag and these cookies were part of the gifts.  I loved to be a part of their very special weekend!!!

These were for a bridesmaid's luncheon before the wedding.  Someone saw that I had posted them and asked me to make her the same cookie.  Same invitation and bridesmaid dresses, different city!  I don't ship cookies so I was not able to help her out.

This was a custom monogram made for the bride and grooms big weekend.  The MOB sent me the booklet for the wedding which was chock full of all the events going on that weekend in the Highlands.  Sounds like an amazing time!!!  Speaking of time, this monogram....

Another bridesmaid luncheon...different colors!!

I made these for my adorable niece for her big weekend.  After I had piped 100 Mr. & Mrs. cookies, I was like, Damn!!!!  They are Dr. and Dr.!  But it just din't have that wedding feel so I only did a few of those!