About Me

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Welcome to the Sweetie Petitti Blog. I am a long time culinary employee, working retail for almost 16 years at Williams Sonoma. Sadly I am not paid to promote, test or talk about the stuff there. I do it cuz I love it! I have taught dozens of cooking classes (at the store and privately) and love everything about the kitchen.

I am also an award winning sewing instructor with my own line of sewing DVDs. A Simple Quilt won me a first place Telly Award in 2005. But I am also featured on Home Decor and Making Handbags. I sometimes get creative in the sewing studio and will blog about that with a post on HipLineMedia as well.

I am crazy about sugar cookies and make a whole lot of them! Currently the county I live in doesn't allow me to sell them from my home. I bake mostly for friends and family, but I am moving, so shoot me an email and we'll see what we can do! SPtilt@aol.com

I am a lifelong learner, and take everyday as an opportunity to grasp something new. Stop by often and share your adventures in the kitchen! What are ya waiting for? Get in there!

These are the loves of my life