Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Party For the Baby!

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So I have been busy, busy, busy.  Just not busy writing.  I thought I'd do a post on the baby cookies I've been making recently.

I do love Pooh, and I thought this sweet face was the perfect way to capture his sweetness.  I was very reluctant to take this one on, but I have done many cookies for this friend, so I jumped in!

Books are among my favorite things to give when there is a new baby.  Of all the things I have sold and given away and tossed from my own kids childhood, I can honestly say the book shelves remain full.  I cannot part with the stories, the illustrations and the memories they all hold.  These were for a shower themed with this famous caterpillar!!  Such a joyous event to celebrate, and I do love a good theme!!!

One of my Pure Barre instructors (one of a few!) have made me a part of their kids celebrations.  From the baby showers to the birthday parties, I just love it.  These little dump trucks were so much fun to load up with black jimmies and sprinkles!

The crayon cookies were not my favorite to make.  First I had to fudge the cutter, and I feel like they lose some of their hard lines when you pull a knife across the dough. The made a great platter, and frankly, the 4 year olds didn't find their imperfection.

 Finally some sailboats for a one year old, poor thing is land-locked right here in Memphis!  But here's to calm seas and smooth sailing!

That's all for now!  Come over to Instagram and you will see that I do post cookies frequently!!  What are you waiting for?  Get in there and bake!