Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You've been Booed!

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Boo! It's a simple phrase that has turned into a game this time of year. After dark the doorbell rings, and there on your doorstep is a note that says "You've been Booed". Simple fun, candy and a note. It's nice to know someone is thinking of you, (and thinks you need chocolate)!

Christina wanted to "Boo" her friends, so we decided to dip pretzels. We went the easy route, and bought the chocolate candy from the cake decorating store. Dark chocolate for the base coat, milk chocolate to drizzle and white chocolate that we tinted orange to drizzle again.

The "class" we took explained to never heat these chocolates. You simple melt over warm water. Yea, right. I melted them over a double boiler on medium heat and it worked fine. We melted a pound of dark and dunked about 80 pretzel rods and lined them up on a wax paper lined cookie sheet and popped them in the fridge while we melted the milk chocolate. After melting it, we poured it in a small drizzle bottle and drizzled the pretzels. We popped the bottle in the freezer and the pretzels back in the fridge while we melted the white chocolate. Be sure to use powdered food coloring, and stir it well to dissolve. While it melted, we took the plastic bottle out of the freezer, gave a little squeeze and the chocolate on the inside just cracked away. The miracle of hydrogenated palm kernel oil......We drizzled the orange lastly, and then gave them the old taste test. And, they were really good.

Christina bagged them up, and embellished these cute canvas treat bags and snuck them in her friends' lockers. It has been decided her spy career is not likely to take off, her friends figured her out instantly. But they still loved the treats!

A chocolate note: I have to admit, I am a chocolate snob. Okay, I'm a snob about alot things (toilet paper, vinegar, salt and pepper, water and steak to mention a few). I was so opposed to these chocolate candy discs. But boy are they ever easy. With the small exception of some fine items at Williams Sonoma, I suspect most dipped things are made with a variation of these discs. It totally eliminates the tempering process, which I have perfected, but rarely have time other than Christmas to execute. The ingredients are what you would expect, and finally, they are very inexpensive when compared to a 60% bittersweet chocolate. I would NEVER EVER use them to make my famous truffles, but dipping pretzels? Yea baby! Chocolate, salt, starch....really, they are soooo good!


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