Thursday, March 18, 2010

A B C Sugar Cookies

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These alphabet cookies are for a wedding shower and the theme was A to Z. So since spring is trying to emerge in the Mid-South, I decided to ramp up the color palette. I love these gel colorings, they can be hard to find locally, but of course the internet has lots of options.
This was a little more tedious than most decorating projects, but what fun to decorate cookies and watch Netflix! If I thought anyone wanted to know how to decorate sugar cookies, I would be happy to put up some instructions. But most of my readers that I know are admirers not bakers. And hey, that's good for me too!


  1. These are to "dye" for. Love them sweetie!

  2. Yes, please tell how us how you decorate your sugar cookies. They look so professional and yummy!!!
    P.S I love your blog
    P.S.S. I went to St. Mary's HS with your sister Lori. I was a year ahead of her.
    I am also a second cousin to your sister -in-law Mary.