Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Knocking off the Opponents

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A great season in any sport is an accomplishment. A few years back Nic was on an undefeated football team. It was a great season until we got to the state championship and lost in the last few minutes. I made this clever cake for the coaches way back then. I have been waiting very patiently for an opportunity to make it again. Here we go. Christina's volleyball team is having a great season. They are undefeated here in the metro area so I decided to get that cake made while the record was pristine! I started with a basic brownie in a jelly roll pan. Careful to not over bake this. Let it cool completely and frost with a dark chocolate buttercream. Then comes the work. I made the tombstones out of Milano cookies that I iced grey and wrote the name of our opponent and the match score. The fresh graves are chocolate jimmies. I order these from The Baker's Catalogue and they are real chocolate not the fake ones from the grocer. They are so delicious you can eat them right out of the jar! They were exposed to some extreme temperatures so they have a little bloom. This is when chocolate takes on a little grayish color. It doesn't affect the chocolate, and it looks great as fresh turned earth! I used another kind of cookie to make a small fence and put a few haunting spirits of the team to guard the graves. The ghosts have silver dragee eyes and are liberally painted with silver luster dust. I took it to practice as an incentive to work hard. Chocolate tends to motivate teenage girls. Here's to a great season thus far. Go Stars!


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  2. i see your daughter's team beat my Atlanta alma mater (where I lettered in Volleyball, btw)! Now I am proud that St. Pius X beat Hutchison this year in do I know this stuff? My mom still works at Pius and my little sister works at Hutch!