Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sorority Cookies

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Ah, the Greek Life. When I went off to college in 1982, I decided to rush. Some lady called my mom and said I would need to go to this afternoon tea party and meet the nice sorority alumnae in our area, I did, they all wrote me a rec and I got my first choice, Chi Omega. Those were the days. I think the fact that I was oblivious helped out a lot. I had no expectations, I had no airs about me or inflated ideas of my family's wealth or standing. I wasn't raised that way. I wanted to be in a sorority because I was 16 hours from home and knew NO ONE at the University of Colorado. After one week of skits, warm iced tea (there's a good oxymoron), countless interviews and lots of singing, I was a pledge with a couple of hundred sisters. I learned the Greek Alphabet, the mythology stories about Persephone and the pomegranate seed, the rituals, the handshake and tolerance of all those girls! At the start of my Junior year of college, I had transferred to the University of Iowa. I tried out Chi O there, and the truth is, I was not a fit. No big deal, at that point I was focused on graduating on time (what was I thinking).
So fast forward to present. My son left the biggest fraternity, the U.S. military, for University and my daughter to a nice, small liberal arts school. As the year got underway, I started hearing the rush stories. Friends of my kids at large state schools in sorority rush with nearly 2,000 girls. Valedictorians and Salutatorians not getting bids, girls getting dirty rushed and not getting into any house, and girls crying and stressing over which house is for them, only to get cut. What is this? My son went through rush, probably the oldest one at 21, and found a great house, great guys and it made his transition much easier. His nickname is Gramps, and he is the happiest he's been in a long time! He is a Lambda Chi just like his dad. And my daughter, well, she stressed over the whole deal as well, she knew that being a Chi O would be cool since her mom was one, but in her heart of hearts she wanted to be a Phi Mu. So Phi Mu it was. As soon as I got the message, another mom and I went to the Greek store and I discovered the colors were rose and white, that it is the second oldest fraternity in the U.S. and the lion is their little mascot. So, after spending a fair amount of cash on note pads, cups, key rings, pens etc., there was only one thing left to do. BAKE!
How fun this was, and I can hardly wait for my friends to call me for Greek Cookies. So many sorority events, I am happy to be the Phi Mu baker for the next 4 years! So what are you waiting for? Call me!


  1. You are such a good mom with a Sweet Spirit!
    ~~Gail Braddock

  2. I love the lion. Do you ship overseas??? I got your message and I wrote something and then deleted and started over. I will send it after Bryan puts his two cents in.

  3. Love the lions and colors. Gotta get some owls for Becky.

  4. You are a very cool mum and I bet your daughter will be over the moon sharing these cookies with her 'sisters'. Now can you explain what a 'rush' is? I'm confused?