Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Peek at Halloween

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Wouldn't you be disappointed if I didn't make Halloween cookies?  Well, get in line.  I didn't.  I have a bin in the freezer, quite full, ready to decorate, but there is little time.  Tomorrow is Halloween!  I have to say I am a little sad to not have a group of teenagers around this weekend to cook for and help with costumes.  I was truly that crazy, crafty mom who planned the costumes every year.  We had some good ones, and lots of great trick or treating memories.  It was so fun when the kids were little because I could sort of talk them into costumes.  Nic always loved to dress up!  My favorite Halloween picture is this one.  The cookies, they are from last year.  Read the post before this one if you wonder why I have disappeared!

They are both wiped out after trick or treating, and Nic had been a pirate with those eyebrows and mustache! Christina was only about 6 months old, but she was strollered all over the neighborhood anyway!

Christina refused any kind of costume until she turned 2.

Then I took advantage of the boy girl thing and made them cowboy and cowgirl.  She was all for it because she got pink boots, and Nic got a gun!

Even as teenagers, we would try and come up with great ideas.  The 50's girl in a poodle skirt is a classic, and one year all the girls went as athletes and ref.  Easy and not terribly embarrassing at a coed party.  My favorite of Nic was the John Belushi character Bluto from Animal House.

Okay, I have embarrassed my kids enough...I probably don't want to know what they are dressing up as this year!

So I didn't do a lot of cookies, but I really like the sparkly pumpkins which might make an appearance at Thanksgiving as well.  I used the smaller gingerbread man cutter for my mummies this year, but I think I like them bigger.  And the ghosts are just basic, you can't really mess with the simplicity of a ghost.

I bought the witches hat cutter this summer, and I like its crooked design.

The spider on the web at the blog header are a favorite of everyone.  They are large, but they are a show stopper.
So hopefully we'll get a few kids here, and hoping you all have a great Halloween!
And later this week, I head to Cookie Con!  Sugar Cookie decorating mecca...I can hardly wait!  Much more on that later!

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