Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Fabulous 50

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In less than a year I will be turning 50 years old.  Quite a milestone, and I need to think about this seriously.  My blog has been a little stagnant.  When I started blogging, Nic had just left for military prep school, and Christina was entering high school. I had fun with theme parties, care packages, oodles of cookies, team dinners and family favorites.  Now the kids are off at college, and I am teaching a lot of cooking classes, but I really am not as inspired in my kitchen.  But why?  I love to cook and bake.  I need a challenge.  I need a plan.  So here it is.

50 Chefs for 50 Years

I am going to choose 50 chefs (or cooks) and cook or bake a recipe or menu of theirs and blog about it.  There'll be chefs we all know, Julia, James, Ina.  But also chefs that maybe you don't know.  Chefs that have influenced me in some way in my cooking.  Local chefs, new chefs, pastry chefs and more. I wrote my list, leaving a few spaces for chefs I may encounter or learn about this coming year.  But there is something about them that draws me in.   I will not be predictable.  No Boeuf Bourguignon from Julia.  Been there, done that. I want to find a new hidden gem, a new technique, a new challenge.   I am so excited about this, I invited friends for dinner on Sunday to make my first meal.

My first chef, is really a home cook.  Actually, she doesn't cook at all anymore.   My mom.  My first influence in the kitchen.  I have a recipe in her handwriting that I know she made a number of times for company, but I have never made nor eaten this crazy dinner.  I promise you probably haven't either!  I am so excited to make it.  The first step of a 50 chef journey.  Come along with me, won't you?

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