Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cookie Round Up Continued!

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So here are the rest of the cookies I have been doing.  Enough to keep me busy!  My sweet son has moved on to the real world after graduation.  Since he arrived in Chicago in early January, there have been about...NO days above freezing.  I know it has been a long winter.  I sent these cookies to his office, and he told me I am terribly popular!  That's fun.

I did the 2 types of hearts above in the Britto fashion.  Black outline, bright colors.  They were pretty fun.  Just to give you an idea of how, not interested, my family is in cookies, these are still under a dome in my kitchen, 3 weeks and counting.

I tutor a couple of kids in a school in town.  I made these for the kids in the class.  Needless to say they were a spelling challenge!  But they were thrilled to have a cookie with their name on it!  I love that

These are for my friends elderly mother.  She had a luncheon with a group she belongs to on Valentine's Day.  She asked if I could make her cookies the color of her robe!  No problem.

These snowmen made out of an ornament cookie cutter were my plan for Christmas presents for my friends.  But, Christmas came and went, and there were dozens of blank cookies in my freezer.  I decided it was still snowing up north even though it has been hovering at 70 here.  I decorated them and shipped them to some people I love!  My inspiration for these came from Glorious Treats.  She is an awesome cookier, and writer, and party planner and all kinds of neat stuff.  Also, one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet. 

These cool swimmer graphics are for my friend's daughter.  The school colors are black and silver, and thought these were pretty hot! 

Finally these were for a bunch of teenagers.  My friend's daughter goes to Christina's high school (all girls) and they have a formal every winter.  She had a large group of girls coming over to get ready and thought these would be great to munch on.  Well, of course they would!  And I love those super bright colors.  

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