Friday, March 7, 2014

Baseball Cookies!

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I spent no less than 14 years going from field to field, game to game.  And softball too.  It gets in your blood, and baseball is easily one of our favorite past times. (When we aren't traveling to a volleyball venue!)  When Nic dislocated his shoulder (s), and the baseball career came to an abrupt halt, Mr. Preppy became an umpire.  He loves it.  From the high schoolers to the college boys. Now I go to games that he umps, and I am SO relaxed not having a kid in the game!  So much more fun!  I made these cookies for a baseball mom and old friend.  Our sons played competitive ball together (50+ games) and now her son is coaching in a college program.  The team is heading to Memphis and she is throwing a BBQ for them.  I was thrilled to make baseball cookies.  A first!  Crazy right!?

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