Monday, June 9, 2014

Graduation Season Winds Down!

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A very gifted boy is heading to Duke...

It seems like all my friends are in the graduation age group right now.  The weddings are trickling in, but my group of friends has high school and college grads hitting the streets, and I have cookies to send them off properly!

A friends daughter heading to Bama.  When I gave her the platter I may have hidden a few Boomer Sooner and OU cookies in there.  I just can't seem to shake off that Sugar Bowl victory!

A young lady from my daughter's alma mater heading to Ole Miss...Hotty Toddy!

My dear friend's daughter following in her parents footsteps and heading to Villanova!  She is going to need snow boots!

A young girl who will study music at Elon.

A neighbor's daughter headed to Fayetteville.

A couple more grads heading to Chattanooga.  Whew!  Makes me want to go back to school myself!  

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