Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's Greek for Me!

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So the peanut butter cookies....I did indeed buy the Hershey's kisses. I did indeed make the cookies.

The great thing about the cookies is that it takes one bowl. They mix up quickly and you can drop a couple dozen on 2 sheets in a matter of minutes. I plopped the kisses on top and tossed them in the oven. I set the timer and at 14 minutes they weren't quite done. So, instead of resetting the timer, I closed the oven door "for just another minute". Then I went and watched Greek with Christina.

Well, there is nothing quite like a tennage drama to absorb your attention. About 25 minutes later, as we watched to see who would win the coveted Greek Week title, Christina asked what was burning. Needless to say they were inedible. I tossed them.

I had no choice but to carefully wrap the Mexican Chocolate version, pack them in my suitcase and headed back to New Mexico the next morning. I couldn't show up empty handed, it would blemish my Sweetie Petitti reputation.

The cookies were a hit. Now these boys have been eating cafeteria food for 3 weeks; no soda, no ice cream, no pizza, so anything may have been great. But they devoured them in a matter of minutes. They do not, however, travel well. They crumble very easily.

Next week I will tackle a traveling cookie recipe for Nic and his friends. No more hand carried cookies, these will have to survive the U.S. Postal Service.

This weekend's adventure takes me to Chattanooga. It is a volleyball weekend, and we are always looking for great snacks for the girls that are nutritous and delicious, and that the parents will enjoy as well. So, as Tropical Depression Gustav tries to squeeze out the last of the rain, it looks like a great day to bake. Banana bread, pumpkin bread and who knows what else.

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