Saturday, December 6, 2008

Deck the Halls and the Kitchen

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I admit my weaknesses. Goat cheese, Pinot Noir, 71% Dark Chocolate, (preferably all on the same night), and Christmas decorations. I have 3 trees in full regalia. The family tree choc full of all those ornaments I pick up on trips, given to us at parties and those made in grade school. The second tree is in the dining room and is white and covered in snowmen. Note: Never tell people if you intend to collect something. I have more damn snowmen than I know what to do with! And the last tree is my favorite. It's only about 5', fills a corner of my kitchen and is covered in kitchen stuff. Cooking chefs and santas, copper pots and pans, whisks, silverware, petite fours and glass cheese. I love it!

One friend brought me Christmas okra, a huge okra, like 6" and it's painted like Santa. How funny is that?! I also have a huge assortment of Williams Sonoma ornaments from years past. No big surprise there. The most beautiful is a glass Waterford chef Santa.

Years ago when we lived in Atlanta we started the killer dessert party tradition, Lance and Sue brought us a German Baker Nutcracker ornament. I love the ones that stir great memories!

And, instead of a star on top, there's a chef's hat!
The great thing about the diversity of the trees is that I can poke around for fun ornaments all year long.
So, now that I am decked, it's time to cook and bake. Today we are going to whip up a couple of batches of cheater fudge. I have made it the old fashioned way and was disappointed. So, I decided to try the marshmallow fluff way. I figure it will make a nice easy gift for people I need to pass a sweet treat to. Next up will be an assortment of cookies, a day of make ahead appetizers, and a few other candies. A customer yesterday was taling about peanut butter cups, it's been awhile since I've made them, but are they good. Who knows, So many ideas, so little time. Stay tuned!

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