Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Resolve...

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Here it comes, the one day a year we all aim to be better, thinner, fitter and wiser. Since I resolve the fit thing about every third day, I'm not wasting breath on it tonight. But I do have a few resolutions.

I will blog NEW things only. I am not making anything from a previously tried recipe all year, with the exception of my apple pie, my family will lynch me if I change that. Maybe a Christmas cookie or two in December will be an old recipe, but for this blog and all practical baking experiences, it is a clean slate.

I also resolve to be less vocal about my food snobbishness. I will try very hard to not say things like, "Oh my Gosh, is that iodized table salt on that salad?" or "You know these cookies would be way better with Madagascar Vanilla?" or the most recent faux pas, "Taking wine as a hostess gift is a cop out". And let me elaborate on that is a cop out FOR ME. I work at Williams Sonoma for Pete's sake. I bake hundreds of cookies, eat in for the most part, write about food, teach people to cook food, wouldn't you feel like I was copping out if I came to your party with a bottle of wine, especially if I knew you drank martinis? Okay. I drink a lot of wine, bring me a bottle, I'll love it, it won't go to waste, honest. And if my child told you bringing me one was a cop out, I apologize, I was talking about me..not you!

And finally, I am going to ask you to join me in "Dining In". I love to cook, I love to share, so don't be surprised if you get a dinner invite from me for no good reason. Sharing good food and a bottle of wine (yes, you can bring one!) is reason enough. But be prepared for photos since it will most likely get blogged!

So Happy New Year Foodies Everywhere. And as Lori said, the future is so bright I gotta wear shades. Be careful tonight, and make good choices!


  1. Well, our bottle of wine will not go to waste, but meant as an inside joke..thus the strawberries...I love the blog and will check it often.

  2. Hey anonymous, no wine goes to waste here! And the strawberries were delightful. I ate one while washing dishes at 2am, and the other for breakfast as I was....washing dishes! Thanks!