Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Day, Another Sugar Cookie...

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I should be posting Daring Baker's today...but the Dobos Torte will have to wait until after Labor Day. Life is sometimes that way.
However, I declared my newest sugar cookie mission last weekend to bake Iowa cookies for a new freshman there. She did not get her first choice in rush, and I wanted her to know there are lots of cool Iowans not in the Greek system.. Besides, I have this Hawkeye cookie cutter that I have owned for at least 20 years, and here is my first attempt at making them. They are not as perfect as I would like, but there are so many things going on around me, I just needed to get these done and dried and in the mail. One thing is for sure, they taste fabulous.

And by the way, the picture above is the cookies on an Iowa Cheerleading sweater circa 1981. The year of the Big 10 Champions, the Rose Bowl and that Iowa Cheerleader I was destined to marry! Go Hawks!


  1. OMG--oh my goodness, they look great! Job well done my friend, Job well done.

  2. i went to the 1982 Peach Bowl in Atlanta when the Hawkeyes played....several of my cousins went to college there and my uncle was an engineering prof there! small world!