Sunday, August 9, 2009

Here Comes The Bride

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A friend returned from a faraway wedding and relayed this cookie idea to me. I had seen bride cookie ideas made from gingerbread girls, but they were quite large, and I want sugar cookies in a size that people eat. After all, my cookies are made with the finest of ingredients, so eating them is the fun part. I did a little trial and error and made a posse of "bride" cookies and decided to put a few "grooms" in there for show, even though they were for a bridal shower. I need to refine my soutache technique so I can be the Versace of royal icing, but I really love the pearl necklaces. I found an 8 oz tub of the pearls in the Amish grocery for $2.00. Wow!

As I am making progress on the intricacies of the sugar cookie business, I need to figure out my shipping and get the web page totally designed. By the 1st of October I hope to have it all finished, and full of Jack-o-Lantern cookies, the first I made as a kid. My mom should know she is responsible for this love of sugar cookies. When I look back, how brave of her to say, "Go ahead and make them", she was pretty hands off and let us do the whole cookie baking decorating thing ourselves. My kids will tell you flat out, no way would I ever suggest that, I am a bit of a Nazi in the kitchen, (sue me). But once the cookies are rolled out and baked, I am pretty free with letting helpers have their way with the icing and sprinkles. These days it is more like a cookie factory around here, and everyone seems to steer clear of me. I will say, yesterday I was a little taken back. Christina came into the kitchen and looked at all the brides and said, "Mom, seriously, you are so talented". Kinda brings a tear to your eye when a teenager has such nice things to say. Maybe I'll make her a "Thank you " cookie!

And by the way, Best wishes to the Bride and Groom!


  1. Those are great! Really cool ARE talented!!

  2. I am always amazed when I see your "handy" work...