Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Disappearing Act

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It has been wildly busy. A few 15 hour days, no time to eat, let alone cook and bake. I did get a few sugar cookie orders out the door. First was a Notre Dame vs. Michigan State tail gate. Now let me put this out there right now. I hate Michigan State. It isn't personal, it's Big 10. When I was at Iowa in the 80's, they were the team to beat, I can't let it go. Needless to say the cookies were for the good guys. Logo cookies no less, and they had to travel, so smooth royal icing was my only option so they would be presentable. I think they looked pretty good. And as a side note. Notre Dame won!

The next was a baby shower. These are a free form baby head I found in an old LA Times article from 1999, pastry chef Cynthia Heir designed them. The mom-to-be is being induced today, so I guess it is safe to say my cookies won't throw anyone into labor. That is a good thing.

Next on the agenda is Halloween. I am stocking my freezer with ghosts and pumpkins before my European road trip so I am ready for the ghoulish festivities when I return. European road trip you say? Yes, and I am planning on blogging from abroad! Get in there and bake!

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