Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ice Box Cake

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The hunt for Nabisco Famous Wafers. They may be famous, but they are darn hard to find. Thankfully my neighborhood Schnuck's had a card I could fill out with my grocery requests. All of my requests!
Card #1- Nabisco Famous Wafers
Card #2-Carnation Vanilla Malt Powder (for my hubby)
Card #3- Brick Cheese, it's a long story, but no, it isn't cheese sold the shape of a brick
Card #4-Heinz White Vinegar, seriously? Why can't I get this this in big jugs to make pickles?
Card #5- Flat Iron Steaks
Card #6-Seasoned Rice Vinegar
Happily I found everything I need now, except the dang Heinz White Vinegar, I guess I'll go elsewhere for that. Any pickle maker will tell you only Heinz will do!

Anyway, I got my hands on the wafers, and it appears other people are happy to have them as well. The Gourmet Sleuth says they have been made since 1924. I know we have been enjoying them since the 50's, although, ahem, I was NOT born yet, but I know my siblings were eating them!

The recipe on the back of the box is pretty basic, wafers, sweetened whipped cream, vanilla. You slather on the whipped cream and stack them and then chill for a few hours and the wafers soften. As a kid I remember seeing the picture on the box and wishing our Ice Box Cake looked like that. In a family of 7 however, quantity was important. My mom would layer the wafers and whipped cream in a 9x13 pan instead of a loaf pan. We didn't get the cool striped appearance because our wafers were horizontal. But our Ice Box Cake was the best because we added bananas. Yep, bananas. It just tastes like summer. Chocolate, whipped cream and bananas. Perfect for breakfast, snack, dessert. The wafers alone are delicious. A dark cocoa, not overly sweet, and a little toothsome quality. What is that? You get a small little bit, I originally thought it was graham, but upon closer inspection of the ingredients, I discovered there is coconut in them! Not a huge amount, you certainly cannot taste coconut, but you will detect the little flakes. It is part of the experience.

So the Petitti family ice box cake is essentially a layer of wafers on the bottom of a 9x13. Slather a layer of whipped cream. Slice banana over the whipped cream and repeat the layers. End with whipped cream on top and cover and chill. When you are ready to serve, crumble some cookie crumbs on top. Cut into squares and enjoy!
Since I don't have 7 people here, I decided to make our version of ice box in a loaf like the original because I really wanted those layers! It wasn't exactly the look I wanted. But it is rather like an abstract painting.


  1. I think I could make this...showed it to my Picky eater and yet again he doubted I could make this with success and then he confessed that it sounds like too much whipped that even possible?

  2. Too much whipped cream? Impossible!

  3. Once again you have tempted. BTW we got orders. I sent Christina a msg with location.