Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cookie Round Up

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So bake, bake bake. I did these great cookies for a graduation luncheon some friends were hosting. The girls names and a pennant with their college choices in the school colors. They were bagged and tied in the color scheme of the school. I thought they were quite cute. We even did one for the mom of the honored graduate. After much debate we decided on the Arkansas Mom cookie in hopes her daughter wouldn't buy her a t-shirt with that printed on it! They had a couple of undecided girls, but National Decision Day is historically May 1, so they have a few weeks before they commit!
Since I was baking, I decided to make a few neck tie cookies...a good Father's Day cookie and good for our all boys school where the boys wear a tie everyday. I also made up some coffee cup cookies, they have this slit so they will sit on the rim of a coffee cup. I bought these cutters because they were dirt cheap, and they are a great size for a sweet. I did a quick icing job on them and discovered most of my mugs have too wide a rim for the photo, but I found one that works. I sent them to school as a thank you to the most amazing high school counselor ever. (No Decision Day looming for us, my daughter committed in July!)
I also made up some quickie Happy Birthday cookies for my hairdresser. She wasn't expecting them, so how fun to find them in the mailbox?! And a week after her birthday...double surprise! I also made these groovy water ski cookies for a guest blog I am writing in May, there will be more info on that coming soon. A few Thank You cookies for someone who really wanted a co worker to know how appreciated they were.
And a few ice cream cones. I have this little cutter and just wanted to see it done. I have some ideas to be working out on this. So that's it for now. Next week, EASTER! For now, get in there and bake!

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