Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Cookies

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Ah, Easter. A holiday of such promise. Last year I was tackling all kinds of Easter cookies. This year, I refined it a bit. However, as I was rolling and cutting I got to the end of the dough, had used all the cutters and realized I had no eggs! I had put the egg cookie cutter in the bucket of Shapes not Spring and Easter. The problem is when you are hoarding hundreds (yes, quite plural) of cookie cutters, you have to have some sort of system. Mine has a few issues, but I keep thinking "When I move..." Geez, this new, imagined house of mine is going to be pretty amazing if I it can do all the things I'm thinking will happen by simply moving. And then after I was elbow deep in royal icing, I came across the cutest assortment of Easter cutters. But I have a HUGE thing in my future, just wait til you see what I'm working on that I said, "No more Easter cookies."

I did these carrots for a friend...even her pooch got a personalized cookie. My kind of dog owner.

I made these bunnies last year, but when I saw this amazing post, I knew I had to have chubby cheeked bunnies. Sweet Sugar Belle is a very talented cookie designer who generously shares tips and techniques for decorating cookies. The bunnies are so cute!

I did a few colorful butterflies and some simple little daisies. Great colors for the springtime!

The "peeps" I did earlier, got a sanding sugar makeover. The colors are now a little more gentle. The lemon cookies have become part of my repertoire. They have been well received and stay soft. I need to make sure people know they are chock full of lemon zest, because you are apt to bump into that zest while munching them!

And finally, another graduation party. This is a sampling of the cookies for the girls done in their new school colors and a pennant too!

Looking forward to a family weekend. Happy Easter!

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