Monday, December 5, 2011

A Foodie Kind of Christmas

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I think I am like a lot of foodies out there, where the Christmas list involves all kinds of things that friends and family can't imagine I don't already own.  Just because I work in the greatest kitchen store ever, and rarely come home without a bag, does not mean I have everything!  A few of my things are found at WS,  I work there because I am addicted to kitchen stuff.  I have been reading lots of blogs and magazines with chef's, foodies, and expert's top picks for the holidays.  I am almost a little embarrassed that I own so much of what they think we need. But there are other things on my list, I think they are things everyone will love!  So here's what's on my list:

Ultimate Cookies by Julia Usher
I don't own a single book about cookie decorating.  I am thinking this could be a good place to start!

The Merchant of Sonoma by William Warren
This is the story of Williams Sonoma founder Chuck Williams.  I really want a signed copy, but I don't think Mr. Williams is doing any book tours in his 96th year.  But he is certainly my idol of good food, good wine and kick ass kitchen stuff!

Big Green Egg
I have wanted to buy this for Scott for years, but he never seemed too interested.  Now we keep thinking we should wait until we move.  But since we keep putting off the move, I really want one.  My mover extraordinaire can move the massive Green Egg...

VitaMix 200
So I have been wanting this for awhile, but I am holding out until my other blender dies.  Unfortunately, the other blender is no ordinary blender, my Waring Blender is 18 years old.  Way back, when my sweet baby girl was on her way, my hubby decided we needed a good blender for margaritas.  (A parenthood requirement I guess)  It is Williams Sonoma green and will not die.  It has high and low speeds and a glass container, and although sometimes it seems to be smoking and smells like it is going to die, it keeps on going.  We rarely drink margaritas, but I do make salad dressing and smoothies in it.  Since I am the daughter of Pasquale, we do not replace anything that has not yet expired.

UGG Boots
I have the original high kind, but my daughter will be the first to tell you, if you are not 5'8", you ought not wear the high ones in jeans.  They make you look shorter.  So I would like a pair of cute boots I could actually wear in icky weather, without socks (I HATE SOCKS).  I think these would do nicely.

Shearling Flip Flops
I don't know why UGG has not mastered this one yet.  I have an old pair of no-name shearling flip flops that I have worn out.  I like something on the bottom of my feet, but not necessarily the top.  These are a little more "athletic" looking, but I kinda like them.  But no faux shearling for me, and there must be shearling on the top straps too.

Pink Jacket
I am training for the Avon breast cancer walk, a marathon and a half, to take place this spring.  I need something warm and water resistant to train in.  Plus, it's pink, what a happy color!

I love cotton Pjs for sleeping, and these are so darn cute!  I love everything I have ordered at Garnet Hill. And since I am a friend of theirs on Facebook I get lots of great promo offers.

Sunglasses do double duty for me.  They have to cut the glare of course, and they have to sit properly on top of my head.  That's where I keep them.  These are polarized and the colors are so true in bright daylight.  Truly the best glasses I have ever owned.  My old ones ruptured at the bridge, probably from pulling them up on my head, but they were well worn.  Time for new ones Santa!

Gadgets I don't need but would be fun to have
A gnocchi board.  Never made them, but it's made of wood and looks like something from an old Italian lady's kitchen.
Silicone oven mitt.  I have burn tracks all over my arms, I think this would be a good idea.  Plus, Scott could use it on the new Green Egg.
Hard Boiled Egg Design Molds  Okay, these are really silly, and I don't have little kiddies around, but I am intrigued...and I do love hard boiled eggs!
Cool Utility Knife  I do not need this, but I think it so cool.  My utility knife now is from Cutco (not a fan) and the handle melted.  Not cool.
Stump  I have made Bouche de Noel before, and when we got this pan in the store we joked this was the Southern version, a stump!  I am planning on getting it on clearance after Christmas.  It is not exactly flying out of the store, and I know I would love making it!

So that's it!  I honestly don't care if I get a single thing.  Really.  Well, I would like the pink jacket.  But I am really just so happy to have the kids home, bake, watch movies, have all their friends hanging out.  It is all about family for me.  I hope you get what is most important this holiday.


  1. I work for CUTCO Cutlery and I read that your knife handle melted. The knife is covered by our Forever Guarantee and should be eligible for replacement. Visit this page on our web site to learn how to return the knife for free repair or replacement.
    I'm sorry that the knife isn't your favorite, but hopefully we can at least replace the what you've got.

  2. That is so sweet of yours sharing your inner thoughts. I admire you for doing that.

  3. I will look into that Cutco site, thanks! My husband has been asking questions about my list, so maybe Santa is doing a little shopping!

  4. Great list I am looking for the boiled egg molds now I have never seen anything like that before