Monday, March 12, 2012

Be A Good Cookie Give Away!

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A Great Cookie Spatula for you!

Congratulations to Heather fron It's Yummy To My Tummy for winning!  Heather found me through the Secret Recipe Club!  Stay tuned.  I am redoing my sewing room and am SOOOO inspired to sew up a storm.  Thanks again to you all!
Well, here it is, my very first give away!  I was chosen by OXO to help bake a difference, and they sent me 2 of this cute cookie spatula. One for me to give to you, and one for me to keep.  By baking cookies and holding bake sales, OXO has helped raise over $150,000 to support Cookies For Kids' Cancer for childhood cancer.  This spatula is available in limited quantities at Bed Bath and Beyond, and part of the proceeds go to their campaign. OXO is a great company, less than 70 employees, and they have a presence in most American kitchens.  Their kitchen gadgets are made to be functional, comfortable and affordable.  Disclaimer: Yes, we sell many OXO products at WS, I am not doing this because of that affiliation.  My blog was chosen by OXO.  I am in no way, any kind of decision maker for WS.  I am a worker bee.

An OXO spatula and a Butcher's Apron (that this baker loves), made by me!

And because I wear many hats, I decided that I would add an apron to the give away, made by me.  I love a good apron, and I love to sew.  I made it out of a book called A is for Apron.  I go for the butcher style because I sit and decorate cookies and my lap and legs are covered, and thus my apron is covered in icing!  And this is truly special because it has the Petitti label right on it!  It's long, but it is one of my favorites, here's hoping you agree!
Petitti...that's me!

So leave me a comment and follow my blog and get my followers over 100....please!  If you are already on the list, just leave a comment, but make sure I can find you!   I am not a great Facebooker, but if that is your thing you can like me there, and leave a comment, you'll be able to win there too!  I am a writer first and foremost, and writing here is my priority.  Sugar cookies are second, and that is what I use my Facebook page for. Make sure I can contact you through the comment, and a winner will be randomly chosen.  And if your lucky, there may be a sweet something enclosed as well...So, what are you waiting for?  Enter!!!! (I am sorry that it is U.S. only this time around!)
Be a Good Cookie Indeed!

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