Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happily Pinning Away!

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A Pinterest cookie...why not.

What?  You don't know what I am speaking of (I'm talking to my mom here...)  Pinterest is the hottest thing going right now.  Way better than surfing blogs, it is all visual, pin the food, drink, craft, clothes, bird, quote, whatever, to your virtual bulletin board and it is there for you to find.  No scrolling through bookmarks and files.  Photos make it so easy.  But I was a skeptic.  Would I really come back to this?  YES!

You have to be invited, but that is no big deal, the more the merrier, I am happy to invite you if you need. Then you start scrolling through the photos.  When something catches your attention, you pin it.  There are boards already named, and you can name your own.  I am there as Sweetie Petitti, so come find me and we can follow each other.  You want to follow your friends, and avid pincers to find the hot stuff!

But here's the best part.  The ideas I have found, used, created.  Really.  I have a pair of those gargantuan washer and dryer, front load.  The bases available were too big, so I just left them as is, but they really are low to the ground.  Then I saw this, a post off a blog, pinned, and it includes all the directions to make a base.  We had to modify it a little, but this amazing woman has plans, shopping list, lumber cut list and all the directions.  I think mine look pretty darn good, and do I love having my washer and dryer at eye level!
But a word to the wise, a front load washer is REALLY HEAVY! Okay, I didn't make them, I was the supervisor.

And then there's the grated cheese.  Yes, I am a foodie, but not everyone in my family feels passionate about things like I do.  So yes, I do buy wedges of parmesan, romano etc.  But I do buy Kraft grated cheese with the green lid.  My hubby loves the stuff.  So when I saw this, I was like...yea.  So now I buy a nicer grated cheese and put it in the jar.   She is a very clever girl that discovered this, and I doubt I would have ever stumbled upon her blog.  I do realize however, how many pooh, poohs I am going to get over grated cheese.  Get in line, I'm Italian, my family has made it clear already that this is a travesty.

I made these yummy chicken thighs for dinner.  A food blogger I don't know (there are millions...) posted it, and I happened to have a package of thighs in the fridge and 3 ingredients. Although I chose agave nectar instead of maple syrup, French Dijon that is so hot I can't eat it on a sandwich (perfect here), and rice wine vinegar.  I have done thighs twice, breasts and even salmon.   They were delicious.

And let's not forget breakfast.  These oats are actually soaked overnight in the Greek yogurt with Chia seeds, and then I added fruit.  I am on a diet, and as delicious as it is, with a cup of coffee it was 9 points.  That is a huge breakfast for me.  I think I will stick to a little Kashi Go Lean in my yogurt with fruit, I do kind of like the crunch.  And also, all these photos on Pinterest of food in you eat cereal out of a jar?  Just asking.
I made this healthy tuna sandwich which I did not take a photo of, but I really liked it.  No mayo, and the Greek yogurt made it tangy.  My coworker thought it was awful, but I am sold.  I have also  had layered taco dip in individual plastic cups at Bunco...Pinterest.  White Castle Sliders...Pinterest.   Tons of quotes pop up on peoples status on Facebook...Pinterest.  Amazing cookie, cupcake and birthday ideas are overflowing on Pinterest.  And oh my gosh, if there was a wedding, you would be overwhelmed with ideas.  It's like a community of friends sharing ideas.  Currently I am looking for headboard ideas, outdoor living ideas and always looking for a great recipe.  So come on and join the fun.  Happy Pinning!

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