Saturday, July 21, 2012

Asian Chicken BBQ Sandwiches

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So, let's start with Lisa.  She has a blog called Parsley, Sage, Line Drives and Desserts.  I have been a fan for a long time.  She is a great writer, involved in some online blogger groups that I am or have been in, and her posts never disappoint.  She really is amazing.  Currently, she is weaving a story into her posts on amazing food.  Not just any story, but Bad Boy First Love.  We, her readers, are anxiously awaiting Part 15.  She has a book in this, really.  But be warned, you can't just jump in.  But, she is so thoughtful, she has links to all the previous chapters.  Pour a big coffee, you are gonna love this!

Bad Boy First Love or BBFL as we groupies know it as,  Part 14B featured a recipe for Pulled Honey Sesame Chicken Sliders With Rainbow Slaw.  I knew I had to make these.  I did a cursory inventory of ingredients,  and decided I had what I needed.  Well, sort of.  And since we all know I am bad at measuring and following directions, I suggest you go to her recipe. I did it with limited honey, and I pretty much used 10X the amount of chili paste.  I had Napa cabbage, not red, which was fine, just not as pretty.  And let me tell you, Lisa's food is soooo pretty.  Rainbows of food keep appearing.  Her slaw is one example, but her Nicoise Salad Rainbow is a showstopper!

I put it all together pretty quick, and cranked up the slow cooker.  I really hate the slow cooker, but I had a day of cookie decorating ahead, and I was not in the mood for carry out.  When my son returned from work that afternoon, he was wondering about dinner plans.  I sent him to sniff the goodness in the cooker, and he was not happy.

The Belushi eyebrow is his dismay with the "slowcooker".  He changed his mind!

He thinks the only thing you make in those things is pot roast, and he really dislikes pot roast.  Well, I made a believer out of him, and Mr. Preppy, and Christina.  In fact, they all agreed to try it with the slaw and agreed again it was amazing!

Here in the South, a pulled pork BBQ sandwich is served with slaw on top. The icky slaw, mayo, celery seed, just not good.  But Asian Rainbow Slaw?  Now, that's good!  Also, Lisa suggests in her post that using frozen chicken helps make the chicken more shreddable (apparently a real word as spell check did not step in!).  I absolutely concur.  I make chicken fajitas that way.  Frozen breasts, onions, peppers and seasoning in a Le Crueset dutch oven.  An hour or so later, that chicken shreds beautifully.  I know, fajitas should be grilled, but it is my "I have a million other things to do"  dinner!  So, what are you waiting for?  Get in there and cook!

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