Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Foodie Penpal

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How fun is this idea? The brainchild of Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean.   Foodies, from all over,  are randomly matched and send a $15 foodie box to someone.  Then, we all blog about our box on the same day.  I thought this would be a fun little thing to do every month.  Make new friends all over, try different, regional things, and send a little Memphis to someone!  My box was sent to me by Kristina from Upstate New York.  She sent me Trader Joe's treats. Peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets, an amazing trail mix with pistachios, dark chocolate, cherries, definitely above and beyond the average trail mix, and a great mix to take on my trips!  Also some dried mago slices which I have never had before.  They remind me of a fruit roll up with out all the sugar and colors added, and finally a little guilty pleasure in a chocolate and sea salt caramel bar...um, yes.  Thanks Kristina!  And her sweet not was written on a pice of the Trader Joe's Bag...I love that!!!

I sent off my box of Memphis to Julia, a Massage Therapist with a great and very informative blog.  I hope she loves it!

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