Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pure Barre Cookies

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I have been working out my whole life, but never the same thing. I went to a small grade school where you did everything, basketball, volleyball, track and softball.  When I was little, my mom owned a Figure Salon.  Yep, rollers to jiggle the fat away, belts to jiggle the fat away and my entrepreneur mom would hold a class to a record she owned (that's a large piece of vinyl that plays with the assistance of a turntable, diamond needle and speakers) and the women would pack Shelly Lynn Figure Salon to do leg lifts, sit ups. jumping jacks and other old fashioned moves that are very hip right now! Dr. Charles Bucher was the man of the hour.

My very hot mom circa 1972...belly dancing was a favorite form of exercise!

I cheered and dove in high school, and was a casual runner and biker in college, because they fit my lifestyle.  I would even head to the pool and swim long distance.  I am all about endurance, not speed.  I used to take an aerobics class taught by a 60 something woman, (I thought that was old when I was in my 30's) and I have done my fair share of home videos like Tae Bo and Shiva Rhea yoga.  My favorite (before now) was Bikram Yoga, but it is just too far to do an hour an a half class.  And, there is no if, ands, or buts; you have to have a shower after that, no running into the market for milk and bananas!  And since this regular exercise has brought no progress, I needed a new outlet!

So last spring I decided to go to Pure Barre.  I love, love, love this class.  Now, I am a realist.  I know that at 48, I am never going to look like these instructors.  One, I didn't look anything like them when I was their age, two, I never danced a day in my life (unless you count alcohol induced dancing at Rayford's Disco), and three, I don't know, maybe the pounds I would have to drop???  These girls are tiny, but oh, they are mighty!  They are curvy and strong.  Muscle definition and great posture, and flexible too.  Me?  Well, yes, I also have great posture, I have always been flexible and I too have muscle definition.  Ha!  I even have a 2 pack.  Yep.  I am not sharing it with you, but Mr. Preppy was like, whoa, I am impressed.  Which is good, because it doesn't come cheap!  Most women describe it as a cross between Pilates and old fashioned exercise.  Which it kind of is.  You work every muscle group, lots of abs, and the workout has little differences for each instructor.  So you do the same routine, but it never gets old.  I love that I can see my progress.  Men's push ups?  Yep, not on that first day, or week, but now, I am pumping away.  Planking?  Who knew how hard that was, for 90 seconds?  Now, I am so focused it flies by.  Another thing I love?  Modesty.  There are no bare bellies, no shorts, even your feet are covered in no skid socks.  And contrary to the name, you do not hike your leg up on the barre for ballet type work, you hold on to that barre for balance and resistance in many sequences.

I feel fantastic, I look forward to going, and everyone who sees me wants to know what I am up to.  It has rearranged my body.  Really.  I made these cookies for the 2 year anniversary of Pure Barre Germantown.  And you should check out their site to see if there is one near you.  The intro package is a great way to see if you love it as much as me! Thanks to the great girls there, and Tuck!

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