Monday, September 3, 2012

SRC Crab Rangoon

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Crab Rangoon Poolside!

One of my favorite parts of the month.  Secret Recipe Club.  I spent some time perusing my assignment  Avocado Pesto.  This is a great blog, full of really healthy recipes.  Vicky is about to head out on a journey of a lifetime to Osaka, Japan with her boyfriend.  They have a blog up for the adventure A Couple Travelers.  What is so ironic, my niece and bf just left the U.S. this summer on a similar adventure to Japan.  Perhaps they will all bump into each other on the other side of the world!
As I cruised through the recipes, a few things jumped out,  sometimes, a recipe just shouts to you, "Make Me!" When I stumbled across Avocado Pesto's  Crab Rangoon, I knew what I was making.  I know regardless of what Chinese restaurant we stumble into, Mr. Preppy will order Crab Rangoon and MooShu Chickeen.  Every time.  So, the MooShu will be made another night, tonight, we filled up the small saute pan and headed to the grill.

Roll the whole batch...

Frying on the grill.  No grease splatters, no smell, perfect!

  I always fry outside!  I made up all the rangoons (?) inside and we had a few cold ones and fried them in batches.  We ate every last one for dinner and enjoyed every morsel.  So easy to throw together, and a quick fry.

Sauce for her...spicy!

Sauce for him...sweet!

Maybe not the healthiest option on this amazing blog, but certainly tasty!  We dunked them a sweet chili sauce (his)  and a spicy mango coconut with peppers (hers).  We decided they are perfectly wonderful alone too.  So, what are you waiting for?  Get in there and cook!  And Bon Voyage Vicky and Dave!

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