Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

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So here come the resolutions....
I am going to race walk in a sanctioned event every month this year.  Not sure what is offered in chilly January, but this is my goal.  Fitness and causes all in one long walk!  No running on this bad meniscus  but I can hoof it pretty fast.

I quit the Secret Recipe Club, but I miss having to try out other recipes every month.  It was the posting on time and then praying someone would stop by that killed me.  So I am going to make a conscious effort to try out at least one new recipe from a random blog every month.  I am also going to blog a new cookbook recipe every month and an old family recipe as well!

I will still be baking sugar cookies, that is a given, as long as my friends have my phone number!  But I am a writer by nature, a foodie and then a cookie decorator.  I love royal icing as my medium, but I have other loves as well.

We are dusting off the sewing machine.  My sister and I are loading up the Etsy store, so stay tuned for cool stuff!

And finally, I am determined to get one of my plays produced.  I am just writing away....hopefully my underpaid manager is submitting them with lovingly worded letters so my work will be on stage.  Look out Hollywood, I have big plans....

Happy New Year.  I hope you find success, health and happiness in the next 365 days....

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