Friday, November 8, 2013

Cookie Round Up, So You Don't Think I Gave Up on The Sweet!

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So fall means sports around here.  And while football is king, volleyball rules in this house, but a friend has a daughter off to play lacrosse in Vermont.  I was delighted to make these for their fall game vs. Harvard~

U of Vermont Lacrosse team had these at the Harvard tailgate!

My friend's children are all at football powerhouse schools!

We had a great volleyball season....lots of cookies!
I didn't get around to Halloween cookies yet again....but I did whip these up for my sister.  I sent her mor Hobbit cookies, below, and she wanted a little something for her!  Last year I made them speckled and they were gorgeous.  But time got the best of me here.

I put these in a box for my sister...these were just snacking cookies for her!
 I love this platter for baby Camp's shower.  Very sweet, fun colors.

A sweet combo of colors for a baby boy's shower

And yes, more of the Hobbit.  You may have seen my previous post on the cookies that went to a Hobbit employee my sister works with in LA.  She asked if I would send more for her to send to another co worker, in New Zealand!  You know, home of the Hobbit!  So I was happy to make them again.  I love the inside of the Hobbit door as much as I love the outside!

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