Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cookie Update

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I have been baking a fair amount of cookies, sometimes I shoo them out so fast I forget to snap a photo!  So here's a quick rundown of a few cookies I made recently!

Baby Shower...It's a Girl!

Old Fashioned saying....charming!

Baby shower cookies are some of my favorites!  Soft colors....everyone is so excited!  Then I made these basketball cookies for a friend.  I really wanted a little texture, and found this post by Sweet Sugar Belle, and she showed her cute basketball cookies she airbrushed with netting.  I hunted all over this house for netting to no avail.  So I called Christina, off at college, and explained my dilemma.  She reminded me of some hideous tank top I bought her that was...mesh.  So I chopped it up (while I had a minor panic attack in her closet full of clothes), and it worked out pretty well.

Finally I made SuperBowl cookies.  I borrowed the best idea ever from my cookie friend Baked By Rachel , the deflated footballs!  Then I did get my hands on netting and tried the airbrush thing again, and gave the footballs some texture.  Worked out well.  So back to the ovens....lots of dough to roll!!!

Still a few months of basketball to come...


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