Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Golf Addiction

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My last blog confessed my Pure Barre addiction, so here is my second addiction.  This one is bad, because unlike my 55 minute Pure Barre class, golf takes a good 4 hours for 18 holes.  A few weeks ago, I may have played 99 holes...5 rounds and a round of 9 holes.  Basically 22 hours.  Goodness knows how many balls I lost, how many times I said the "f" word and how many times I may have slammed my club into the ground! But I am getting better...

I have blogged before about meeting Mr. Preppy at a PGA golf tournament.  I knew that this sport would always factor into our married life.  Even our first date was at the driving range.  Every year, our club hosts the Fedex St. Jude Classic.  This year I made golf cookies for a PGA golfer who was kind enough to get us a few extra tickets.  I will leave his name out so no one asks him favors on my behalf!  They are the header cookies with the green sanding sugar.  A shoutout to Callye also known as Sweet Sugarbelle.    She ran a little tutorial on golf cookies, and I totally was inspired!  She is one creative and very kind gal.

Its so beautiful, who wouldn't want to spend 4 hours a day here???

I made these for an outing, fondant golf balls.  Yuck.

Again, fondant.  Just not a fan!!!

My first Ace!

My family would be shocked if I wrote a blog about golf and didn't mention my hole in one.  It happened fall of 2014, and I was as shocked as anyone.  Mr. Preppy doesn't have one yet, so I remind him every few weeks that I do!  And this summer, when the golf tournament rolled into town, I volunteered as a scorer.  What a fun job that was.  For 4 days I got to score a group of golfers.  They are very focused individuals, although a few will chat a little.  But at the end, they give the scorers a signed ball.  How cool is that!?  One golfer didn't sign me a ball, and he didn't make the cut.  Let's just say he isn't going to make my fantasy golf roster anytime soon!  My collection is below. From left to right...
Seung-Yul Noh, Camilo Villegas, Ryan Palmer, Oscar Fraustro, Matt Jones, Zack Sucher, Harris English, and Jonathan Randolph.  I am excited for the tournament next year, and my fellow scorekeeper friend and I have threatened to go on the road with the tour and scorekeep...how fun would that be?!  So, back to the kitchen, the course or the barre.  What are you waiting for?

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