Friday, July 10, 2015

Pure Barre Addiction

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 I have 2 things in my life that I am addicted to.  Neither of which are edible.  One is Pure Barre.  If you aren't familiar with the barre, let me enlighten you.  This is a 55 minute workout that will leave you shaking, if you do it right that is! LTB, Lift, Tuck and Burn!

It begins with about 6 minutes of warm up, a little floor Pilates type moves, some light weights, push ups, tricep dips and my favorite...plank.  If you don't think 90 seconds is a long time, try planking for the duration, everyday.  It will make you strong from the inside out.  Then we move on to leg work at the barre, and no, you do not put your leg up there.  You do tip toe a lot however, and the mantra is, The Higher the Heels, the Thinner the Thighs.  Ha!  I'm not too sure how that is working out for me, but I have muscles like never before.  On to the other areas like glutes, abs, stretches etc.  The movements are small, but mighty, and the more classes you take, the harder it gets. You can push yourself everyday.  It never becomes easy or boring.  The class has subtle changes everyday and bigger changes about 4 times a year.

It is fast paced, but no impact.  It will make you quiver and sweat but the music and the friendships keep you focused.  I feel amazing when it's over and look forward to the next day!  I am about 300 classes into it, and honestly can't imagine not having it in my life.  And most of the women I work out with every day feel the same way.

It isn't cheap and it isn't easy.  It's not a quick fix, but I honestly believe it makes so many other things better.  I am more flexible, I have a stronger core, I have endurance, and I have self confidence.  I don't do this to get skinny, that is unlikely to happen.  I do this so I can get out of bed and be active into my old age.

Recently I was asked by a gal from a another class to make cookies to celebrate Margaret and her 500th class.  Pretty awesome wouldn't you say?  What can most people say they have committed to for 500 times?  I am hoping that's me this year.

Check out the Pure Barre website and see if there is a studio near you.  They usually offer an introductory class or package.  You can't go once and expect to love it.  Give it 5 classes, it could seriously change your life!  All over the Web, there are tips and lists of what to expect and what to do.  Here's some advice from someone who has been there a few years.

1. Go early, meet the teacher and maybe meet a few other clients.  Those of us that are regulars are happy to tell you the best place in the studio, and who to watch for good technique.  Also, many regulars go to the same spot every day...they can be sort of territorial.  You'll understand.
2. Leave your shoes in the entry.  If you walk across the studio floor in your shoes, you may be face down in that spot in the next hour.  Especially when it rains, be considerate. No one will steal your Hunters.
3. Leggings and a tank.  No bootie shorts, no exposed bellies, no bare feet.  You can buy sticky socks there, or at just about any place that sells yoga stuff.  There are some Lulu model types, but there are plenty of us that aren't made up or matchy matchy.
4. Do not apply perfume before you go.  Please.  You can figure out why.
5. Watch others. You may be able to lift that leg over your head, but when they say an inch, they mean an inch.  It will work the muscle they are after.  Trust the process.
6. Breathe hard.  When we do abs, they tell you they want to hear you breathe, and I can tell you, if you breathe right, your abs contract, your heart rate climbs.
7. Last 10 best 10.  No matter how hard the sequence is, when she says last 10, make it your best.  You will feel a sense of accomplishment.
8. Close your eyes. If you listen, you know where you should feel the exercise.  Close your eyes and focus.  This 55 minutes is all about you.  Make your grocery list when you leave.
9. Leave your phone in your purse.  I get it, we worry about the kids.  This is your time. If there is a tragedy, you can certainly deal with it better if you have all those endorphins working.  When that Bed Bath and Beyond text glows in the middle of legs, you and I will both be distracted.
10. Smile.  This workout is hard.  Give yourself a round of applause, every day, you earned it.

 What are you waiting for?  Get in there and Tuck!

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