Monday, March 12, 2018

Engagement Rings and Monograms

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Lots of engagements and weddings.  Perfect celebrations for cookies.  Either as favors for a wedding or shower, beautiful platters for an engagement, a little happy for the couple for a smaller get together.  I love them all.  Monograms, the date, the rings, the many ideas to put on a platter!  And the colors! These are the more formal. 

The ampersand has made a big comeback.  I do love it, however the ampersand cutter I invested in was a bust.  Very fragile and almost lost its shape.  The ampersand in icing seems to work well. This grey and lavender shower was different for me.  I like the subtle colors for fall. 

I love the rose pink color with the silver, such a classic combination.  The pearl airbrush really popped in this picture, but truthfully it is very subtle.

 These cookies were special for me to make.  This was for my son Nic and Madison's engagement. I would never have believed how fast that year passed from engagement to wedding!!!  The champagne bottles were made with edible paper labels.  I just love them, they make such a statement.  The gold roses were not my favorite.

These wedding cookies have a more formal flair, I think it is the addition of the black tie cookies.  I just love that pop of black on the platter!  The rose cookies add a lot of depth to the platter and I use them quite a bit.  They are a nice eating size and really stunning to look at.  The small roses are something I always (ALWAYS) have on hand.  Takes a simple plaque to something special for sure.

The roses make another appearance here and the gold with the pink is stunning. The stripes are a favorite and I suspect this may have been a "blush" request, but that pink grows darker...

Same, but different!

This platter is a much more subtle pink, and it was gorgeous.  All the usual suspects on the platter plus some wonky roses  ala Sugarbelle and that ampersand cutter I don't love.

 So just a sampling of the wedding fever.  What are you waiting for?  Get in there and bake!

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