Monday, March 19, 2018

Less Formal Love

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The previous post highlighted some of the more formal cookies for engagements and weddings.  These are a sampling of a less formal, but equally delicious, love.  They are such fun to make! 

Ice blue was the request here, and when she forwarded me the invitation, it also had white hydrangeas.  They were a nice addition to the blue.  I love the font.

These were for an older couple getting married, and they were selling their homes and hitting the road for a year.  Yikes! Nothing I could ever do, but I am sure it was quite an adventure,  

This stick drawing is a favorite of many cookie decorators.  And why not?  It is adorable.  Such a fun platter to make.  She requested some bite size which I think is such a good idea with a big gathering.

When the canning jar craze hit, I bought the cutter and anxiously awaited the opportunity to make some cookies with it.  It took awhile but I really thought they were cute. The hydrangeas made an appearance here, I thought they went well.  The texture is a nice addition to a platter.  I decided to make some Valentine cookies with the canning jar cutter too, which I may like even more!

When my girlfriend asked for shabby chic, I was a little befuddled. I just wasn't sure how I could achieve this.   It's hard to see how the painted hearts are a coppery/pink color, but I just loved them. My adorable daughter pointed out that I didn't "stay in the lines" which was kind of the shabby point. They were just different, and I think that's what they wanted.  Non traditional.

Unconventional perhaps, but lovely none the less.  So, what are you waiting for?  Get in there and bake!

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