Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baking Up A Storm Trooper

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Yes, I saw the original Star Wars at the theater. The Capri in Clinton, IA, I am guessing I had just finished the 7th grade. I wasn't really impressed. I liked it, but I was 13 years old. I really liked Princess Leah's hair, that I could probably obsess about. So I recognize when things are bigger than we imagined, and Star Wars, after all these years hasn't missed a beat, and has drawn in generations of fans. I liked the movies much better as an adult with all the underlying stories.

So, imagine my surprise when the Star Wars cookie cutters came into Williams Sonoma. (Remember me, not paid to endorse blah blah blah, just a loyal employee who buys lots of kitchen stuff!) Not exactly the type of thing you make for your bridge club, right? But they recognize that kids have a lot more say in what the parents cook and bake, and this new generation still loves Darth Vader. So I baked a set of the cookies. Now remember I bake hundreds of sugar cookies. These were a challenge. First, the easy part was the rolling and cutting. The cutters are spring loaded and work like a dream. There is Yoda, Darth Vader, a Storm Trooper and Boba Fet, (who I had to google, he was new to me!)

Then the decorating. I hate black frosting. You really have to wrestle with the colors to make it black black. Mine was shiny and pitch black until it dried and got all dull. Same with the white. Whitener, which is essential really dries out the icing. I really have so much more to learn. Aside from the black and white, the rest of the colors came pretty easy. Maroon, teal, moss green, brown, yellow, grey, lighter moss green, darker teal, let's see that's 9, plus the black and white, so 11 colors. That's a lot for 4 cookies. But remember every color had a bag and a tip. I wish I had made 20 of each to really practice on them, but there are many more cookies to go right now.
I enjoyed the difficulty and would love to tackle them again, as practice makes perfect. But, for now, well, perhaps Yoda, (my favorite cookie BTW) says it best: “Remember, a Jedi's strength flows from the Force. But beware. Anger, fear, aggression. The dark side are they.

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  1. OKAY-I am SOOOOO going to need these cookies for Jack's birthday in August!!! I'm putting in my order now....his bday is Aug 22, not sure when the party will be, but we'd probably like several dozen or i should work w you on the numbers (i haven't even planned the party yet!).