Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Miracle Whip Facial

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I decided to go back to this blog and do it again, so I though I would repost. It is one of those things you have to just try!
We are a house divided. Mayonnaise (me and Christina) or Miracle Whip (Scott and Nic). Never the 2 shall meet. I say the Whip is too sweet, the boys say mayo is too creamy. Let's face it, it is rare for anyone to cross that line. But I have Miracle Whip on the shopping list for a new reason. The Miracle Whip facial!
There's nothing new about using kitchen ingredients for beauty. I have rinsed my hair in vinegar many times,tried the egg white facial mask, olive oil hand conditioner, mayonnaise as a hair conditioner, even brushed my teeth with strawberries once. You have to throw away the toothbrush because of all those little seeds, I don't even remember why I did it, I think it was before you buy whitening in every dental product.

Anyway, recently I came across a news bit in a magazine praising the benefits of the Miracle Whip facial. So naturally, I googled it and found some really interesting posts. The best is here. The original post was put up March 2006, and has garnered almost 60 comments from people like me who are like "What the heck, let's slather salad dressing on our face and see what happens".

So here's the deal, indeed slather Miracle Whip all over your face, avoiding the eye area. Some readers also put it on their lips, most mayo eaters will opt out of that. Relax for 20 minutes, do not breathe deeply, because it stinks like Grandma's macaroni salad. After 20 minutes, wipe gently with a dry washcloth and then rinse and wipe your face clean with warm water. People were amazed at the dead skin coming off their face. I didn't have layers of skin come off, but after drying my face, there was a little "zingy" feeling, probably from the vinegar, but my skin was as smooth and soft as a babies. Amazingly smooth. Really. So I did it again every night for a week. I couldn't wait to see what happened. I'd either look like a 21 year old, or my face would be covered in pimples. I'm also thinking of putting it on my extremely dry feet, I'll let you know how miraculous that is.
So, I kept up the facial for a solid week. I never really got accustomed to the stink, but every night my face was so smooth, crazy smooth. Toward the end of the week however, my skin was a little sensitive which is one adjective I never use to describe my hide. I think the best way to do this is maybe every other night, and then just maintenance. Sounds rather invigorating now, since I haven't done it in awhile, I just may raid the fridge tonight.


  1. I found out about the Miracle Whip facial, when I decided to stop spending so much money on commercial facials. I researched "homemade facials" in an attempt to save money and came across this "miracle"! This is the best facial you can give yourself! AMAZING!! The best results come after about 20-25 minutes of letting it sit on your face, followed but the gently rubbing in small circular motions all over your face. Be patient - but as you continue to rub, you will find that your skin just starts to roll off. I actually use a textured cloth to help exfoliate the skin off. This is an incredible - and basically FREE method to improve your skin! follow the facial with a good cleansing and deep moisturizing cream for the best affect. Your face will feel soooooo soft. Trisha

  2. I first read about this a year ago and finally decided to try it today. It was on my face for only 5 of the recommended 10-20 minutes. It burned and my face was read-- really red. I was scared, it burned and looked like I was sunburned. I ran to my aloe plant and slathered my face in it. About 20 minutes later, my face looks and feels normal. I did some more research and found out this happens alot. I am going to try it again tomorrow and hopefully get the full effect this time. Today I just wanted it off my face and didn't rub it at all.

  3. 2 very different experiences for sure. I haven't done it in awhile and am thinking I may give it another week. But I would think that anything that makes your face sting and get really red is not a good thing...

  4. I have recently been trying to find natural cleansers,toners, facial masks. I recently became intrested in my blemishes and pimples. I have found a bunch of recpies and all, but when i looked at all of the comments on the other miracle whip facials, people say thats if it turns red it usually doesnt mean a good thing, therefore I Dont Know if i should use it.... But i am going to try it tonite :)