Sunday, February 13, 2011

Be My Valentine

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Ah, the dreaded Valentine's Day. That is the great thing about being married and having kids. Lots of Valentines! I always cross my fingers for some super dark chocolate, and I always buy a little heart shaped something for my loves. Because I just never got around to extra holiday baking at Christmas, I never gave a box of treats to Christina's teachers. I felt pretty bad about that. Everyone knows I'm the baker, and how hard is it to put together a little something? Well, this year it was really hard with work. So we decided we would give them a sweet Valentine. Since it falls on a Monday, I sent the treats off on Friday so they could enjoy them over the weekend. I packaged the cookies in little Valentine's Chinese take out boxes. Very cute.

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  1. Love them. I want some! Can't wait until you come and make me some non white sugar versions.