Sunday, February 6, 2011

Show Your Team Spirit

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This week Christina "signed" her commitment to play volleyball at Millsaps College. Yes, I know that you cannot get an athletic Scholarship to a D3 school, (there are other scholarships). But you can give a commitment when you are recruited, and that's really what this represents. Her all girls high school recognizes the students who will play at the next level with an amazing ceremony. We sat with Christina as her entire Senior class and teammates looked on and 6 different people spoke about my girl. It was a very humbling experience for us all, and Christina felt like a rock star. There was a cake from our favorite cake baker (no, it wasn't me) and of course I made cookies. 8 dozen of them, I was worried they wouldn't get eaten, but no worries, those girls swooped in. Making volleyballs is a tricky icing job, and I worked with stenciling and new tips. I need a little more practice, but that shouldn't be a problem. We have four more years of volleyball ahead of us, a new school and lots of purple in our wardrobes!A while back I did a post on Iowa Sugar Cookies . I am a graduate (after a party stint at the University of Colorado Boulder), and Scott is also a graduate. But Scott was a little more involved at Iowa...he was on the "Spirit Squad". Loosely translated, he was a cheerleader. And just between you and me, what a gig that was. He went to all the football games. They take good care of you providing transportation, meals, lodging, and then of course you have these great football venues to be a part of, like The Big House at U of Michigan and its 100,000+ fans. In 1982 Scott was lucky enough to cheer at the Grandaddy of them all, The Rose Bowl. Back then it was the venue for the Big 10 Champion vs. the PAC 10 Champion. But I digress. This is about school spirit. I had that Iowa cookie cutter for many years, but it wasn't until this next generation was there that I started baking them up. We don't get to many games, but if we lived closer, I'd be the Hawkeye Cookie Girl for sure. I have also made my share of Air Force Academy cookies. Mostly for graduates and parties here for the parents. We only got to one or 2 games a year, and they are so far away, but it wasn't like any other college experience. But, this too has changed as Nic had traded in his camo for civvies. He will likely be an Sooner in the fall, and find out what a big university has to offer. I will be on the hunt for a conestoga wagon cookie cutter.But today is Super Bowl Sunday. And although we declined the party invites, we will watch the game and enjoy the decadent bar food here at home with a beverage or two. I'm not a huge pro football fan, so once a year I enjoy the game. I find at parties, the women get shooed out from the big TV, and the men don't care so much about the commercials. I also enjoy lounging in front of a fire, flannel PJs, get the picture. Besides that, GLEE! is on after the game and Scott would be like "What? We have to rush home to see whaaatt?" So we are home tonight. I did a few cookie orders, and lucky for my chums they are all Packer fans. An old college friend of Scott's played for the Packers when we were first married, I never saw him play at Lambaugh Field (chill factor was too low), but we saw them play at Atlanta when we lived there. It's been a few years since Ron suited up, but you never lose your loyalty to a team. So today, Go Packers!

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  1. I'm with you! Home watching the game so I can multi-task. Go Packers! Good looking cookies, all of them.