Monday, May 30, 2011

Here Comes The Bride

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Ahhh, wedding season. I used to read the engagement and wedding section and see names that I recognized, perhaps an older sibling to one of my children's friends. This summer we turn a corner. One of Nic's friends is engaged to get married next summer, and one of my friends daughters is getting married. What? Didn't I just cater her high school graduation? How can this be possible? It's like dominoes, they all start to go once someone jumps. She is a nice girl, and I read all about her engagement on their wedding page and my heart swelled with happiness that young love is alive and well. I also got married right out of college, and the naysayers be damned. We are celebrating 25 years this fall.

I made cookies for the hotel baskets, and we decided on wedding cakes. I have a few different wedding cake cutters, but I really wanted a particular one. Perfect time to buy! I ordered it from ecrandal and let me tell you, the cutter is gorgeous, the service was top notch and when she sent me an email that her husband was "making the cutters today" I almost fell out of my chair. Put that on my list of dream jobs. This is the ultimate family run business, if your cookie crazy like me, I guess. Even the packaging was perfect. So here is a sampling of the cookies, and the lighting is terrible at the end, I blew a bulb in my brand new light box. Seriously? This photography thing is wearing me out!

The wedding colors are celery green and a bright purple/pink. So I decided to do the cookies mostly white, lots of sparkle and a few accents of pale green. I found the perfect ribbon color to accent the bags. Once I started with the piping bag, I just couldn't stop. I have to admit, these are my favorite. I love the piping and the sparkle. Thankfully she didn't ask for all 60 the least not that I recall! I loved doing different things to them! So have a blessed wedding Miss Megan, and many years of happiness!


  1. They are so beautiful! I love the color and sparkle. What a great wedding gift. :)

  2. They look fantastic as always!

    We have just had the wedding season so I know you'll be flat out :)