Friday, November 11, 2011


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So volleyball has finished, and work has begun!  Tis the season, and things really ramp up at work, so life takes a different twist!  I have been baking pretty regularly, and have a few cookies to share.
First some Alabama Alpha Phi cookies for a neighbor.

Then I helped out with the Chi O bakes sale fundraiser.  I did some Chi O cookies and I wanted to make the blue swirl cookies to be like the Make A Wish star, but they aren't pretty enough to share...of the dozens I made I shot a picture of a bad one!  The cookies were pretty simple, I made a lot, hopefully they raised some good money for a great cause!  I have been buying up the Greek letters for the sororities and frats, and some of them I dislike in a mean way.  That omega (farther down) is a real beast to unmold, and the design is thin and fragile after baking.  I opted for some fat letters from an old set, since these particular cookies were in a bake sale, I knew fragile would not be good!
And then I did a few birthday surprises. An 18th for my friend's daughter who was almost a Halloween baby! And hopefully Meghan's cookies were okay because Priority Mail took almost 10 days to get to her!  I experimented with a new meringue powder, and the dark green was kind of blotchy.  I was not terrible pleased.  But the taste was actually better than the other meringue powder I use!
And finally a few cookies for Thanksgiving.  I will be baking up more of these in the last week and change before turkey day!  And then it is all about jingle bells and elves!  I can hardly believe the season is upon us!

So, what are you waiting for?  Get in there and bake!


  1. You have been so busy! I didn't know you put meringue powder in the icing. Is that a regular cookie decorating thing to do? I'm thinking of making some christmas cookies for once.

  2. These Rock! What great looking cookies. I love the autumn/Thanksgiving theme ones