Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day of the Dead Cookies

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So Halloween is just a memory, and I have no candy to rummage through.  No Take 5 Bars, no Hundred Thousand Dollar Bars, no Dark Milky Ways.  Oh well, my new blue jeans will be thankful.  So growing up we had this day off school, All Saints Day.  It is the day to remember the loved ones who have passed.  In the Mexican culture, it is Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead.  This day, you tap people on the shoulder to remind them that dying is a part of living.  All a little creepier than Halloween if you ask me.  But while I was baking Halloween cookies, I decided to do a few skulls.  I had a limited amount of colors made for the cookies and just went with them.  I would have loved to add some blue and red and really went to town, but I am decorating cookies between volleyball tournaments and work.  So, here we go, I guess we officially kick off the holiday season.  Time to make the Thanksgiving menu and order Christmas cards....what are you waiting for?


  1. Can I order cookies from you?
    How much are they?

  2. Fun cookies! So fun to read about the traditions others grew up with.

  3. Hey Susie,

    These are beautiful cookies...even though they are skulls!
    My friends baby is way over due so I am busting to get some cookies to her....I'll be in touch soon hopefully

  4. Cathy, message me at sptilt@aol.com and let me know where you are. I work full time at the holidays so I don't do a lot of cookies this time of year, but we'll talk!