Friday, November 18, 2011

A Happy Birthday Away From Home

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So this summer on my journey around the Midwest, I caught up with my cousin Joyce and her husband Alain from Canada.  At our many cousin reunions over the years I had met their children, but we haven't had a reunion in years.  So when Joyce asked me to send cookies to her daughter, in graduate school I said sure, but where did the time go?!

She originally wanted something that would reflect Elise's love of Chinese Art and Antiquities, so Joyce got lost on the cookie cutter web sites, "Who knew?" was her response!  Tell me about it, it is amazing what is out there.  But no Chinese soldiers or Buddhas, so we went with the more traditional birthday fare!

Happy Birthday Elise!  I know your Mommy misses you....


  1. How sweet! The cookies look great!

  2. The colours are wonderful.
    Sara texted me and was so touched and happy to receive your wonderful cookies. Thank you so much Susie, it means a lot to me xx