Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Enlightened Happy Joe's Taco Pizza on The Grill

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Hot off the grill and delicious!
So I have had sister week, and what fun it has been.  My sister Lori has been here and we have been busy sewing (blog coming on that project), making cookies (yep, a blog on those), shopping and watching movies.  Her last night here I really wanted to take her out, but she insisted we cook, so I made a nostalgic dinner.  Happy Joe's Taco Pizza is one of my most popular blogs.  Anyone who grew up in the area around the Quad Cities knows this pizza, and likely has a hankering for it, right now!  The original recipe I made is at the above link on the earlier post.  We made it lighter and threw it on the grill, and honestly, we didn't miss anything.

Lightened Up Taco Pizza
1 whole wheat crust
1/2 can refried bean (no fat added)
1/2 can pizza sauce
3/4 # ground turkey breast
1 T taco seasoning
1/2 cup cheddar/monterey jack cheese, shredded
chopped lettuce
chopped tomato
1/2 avocado, chopped
Classic Taco Doritos, crushed
Happy Joe's Spicy Taco Sauce
Cook only one side to start.

The dough I buy is frozen, so after thawing I stretch it out on a floured pizza peel. You can also use a rimless cookie sheet.
Brown the ground turkey breast and add a little taco seasoning and water to moisten it.  Preheat the grill to high and oil the grates well with canola oil.  Mix the pizza sauce and refried beans together.  Turn the heat on the grill to medium and slide the crust onto the grill.  Close the lid, but keep an eye on things.  The crust should bubble up and dry out.  You don't want it burned.  When it is nicely browned, slide back onto peel. 

This is the bottom after the first time on the grill.  Put the toppings on this side.

In the kitchen, you are going to flip the crust over.  Your sauce and toppings are going on the cooked side.  We put everything but the Doritos, lettuce and avocado.  Now, slide back onto the grill to brown the bottom.
Cook on low this time to brown the crust and melt the cheese.

I usually drop the heat to low, and close the lid.  You want the cheese to melt.  Carefully slide back onto the peel and add the toppings.  We really, really skimped on the Doritos, but really, they are so flavorful we didn't miss mounds of them.  The taco sauce, which I buy 6 at a time when I get to Iowa is the key.  There really is nothing like it. It is Happy Joe's original sauce.  I didn't bother adding up all the WW Points, the wine was opened, the night was gorgeous and we were hungry!  So, what are you waiting for?  Get in there and cook!
Lighter but still delicious!

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