Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This Foodies Favorite Tools

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Ok, yes, I do work at a kitchen store, but you know beyond my great co workers here in Tennessee, no one from this company knows I exist, let alone endorse my opinion.  I don't love everything, and maybe I will write a clunker blog; the tools that are stuffed way in the back and never see the light of day, I have plenty!  But I do have favorites that I use ALL the time.  Here is just a small selection, I will blog more soon!

This citrus juicer is great.  It squeezes so much juice from a lemon or lime, rinses clean, back in the drawer.  The zester is a rasp grater from Microplane. Made in Russelville, Arkansas.  I love that.  I use it for zest, I shred ginger, garlic and parmesan too.  Again, a quick wash in the sink, done.  Notice, I do NOT put my gadgets in the dishwasher.  Really people, it is hard on stuff!
Ha!  Its a banana slicer.  I bought it as sort of a joke, and we use it all the time.  I love all my banana slices perfect.  I'm a bit of a control freak, wouldn't you say?
This spoon is not big, maybe 6".  It is sized to get into a jar of olives.  We love olives on our nightly salad, and I use it pretty much daily.  Under no circumstance should you ever, ever put anything made of wood in your dishwasher.  Honest.
Why would anyone buy garlic in a jar?  I mean really, how hard is it to pull off a clove, whack it on the counter, peel off the skin and press it thru something like this?  If you hate touching raw garlic and making your hands stink, let it dry out on the counter, the garlic will flake right out of it.  You know how to wash this I'm sure.
This peeler was around $3.50.  I love it, no fuss, makes quick work of cukes, carrots, potatoes.  The blade is aluminum I am sure, so if you put it in the dishwasher it will rust.  But seriously.  How dirty are carrots?  Soap and water people!
Oh, oh, oh.  This is my newest and most favorite thing ever.  It is a pineapple slicer.  Wait until I blog my favorite smoothie and you see it in action.  Basically you cut the top off the pineapple, put the rod on the core and twist.  It slices the pineapple as it goes down.  If you stop before you hit the bottom, you can make a pineapple cup. You know for a tropical party where you drink too much rum and wear a grass skirt.  I have done this.  Some things we are meant to outgrow!
And this little guy.  The lonely chopper.  You've seen them on infomercials, they sell them at junk stores.  They will chop veggies and fruit in uniform dice.  Some things require a pretty hard whack to get it through, but my salsa is gorgeous and uniform.  My Thanksgiving stuffing has perfectly diced onions and celery, and even a fruit salsa works in this.  It is the ultimate cheating machine, but it makes quick work in the kitchen!
How exciting is that?  I know, but I wanted to share some things with you.  Back later for some Easter cookies!  I have been baking up a storm!

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