Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Cookies

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Today my daughter's bestie turns 20!  Happy Birthday Sara!  And in 2 short weeks, my daughter turns 19.  As these girls get older that age difference makes less and less of a difference.  But way back when we were in kindergarten, it could have been a huge difference.  I often wonder, what if?  What if I had kept her in preschool another year?  Who would her friends have been?  What would be different?

Thankfully, there are no do-overs, so we can wonder, but thankfully never know if ultimately it was the best choice.  She is happy, well adjusted, does fine in school, and yes, she was one of the youngest, but in college, this all makes no difference.  We decided on a platter of candles.

Small cookies to share with all those girls.  I got my inspiration from Maryann of CookieArtisan.  It is relatively easy to be inspired by her, she is a true artist and her platters are stunning.  She even did an appearance on Martha, yes, she is that good.  I love these Americolor Electrics for coloring, and I think these are the perfect birthday platter!

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